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    “Practical and Viable Solutions”
    to a full array of HR and organizational challenges

  • Outreaching, discovering, connecting and hiring
    top relevant talented Match
    “The Right Way at The Right Time”

  • Putting forth every effort not only to meet,
    but to “Exceed Your Expectations”,
    and pleasantly surprise you!


We’re a Middle East based Talent Acquisition and HR Integrated Solutions’ boutique, inspired by the unveiled kingdom’s 2030 vision and the appeal within its reforms that urges the next generation to take up the challenge and get to work. We recognized that challenge ahead and decided to take it upon ourselves to support and be a great part of it in sourcing out the leaders who will become the heads of that era. It’s true we’re a young company, yet we have an abundance of experience, knowledge, and a huge local and international business networking professionals. Our team of expert advisers offer tailored, cohesive, high-quality recruitment and HR consulting services, with great experience in transforming strategies into actions via a consulting-based process that lines up the people, culture, organization and work processes to your business’ strategic intent. We’re renowned in the HR business for our in-depth, concrete and effective HR strategic procedures, which deliver spot-on desired solutions and that’s where we begin our partnership with you. We’re in it for the long term; lasting partnerships to provide quality services, in an efficient, timely, and competitive manner, working in a transparent and open communication style.


About our Foundin President

Meet Company director Fahad S. Al-Sheaibi, a well-recognized Talent Acquisition and HR Strategist that represents the saying “Success built on reputation”. As the founding president of Fahad Alsheaibi Office, he has worked for many of the most esteemed corporates in KSA as he has held senior positions internationally (USA – Europe), started his career over 30 years ago, during which he Career - Networked with a broad range of professionals, business owners as clients and partners, and then founded his consultancy, after working closely with several high-profile, high net-worth clients with local and international reach. Fahad is a Senior Adviser for Odgers Berndtson Saudi Arabia, a top search intelligence firm in the UK and Europe in General. He was also the Board Advisor to the CEO of SABIC, another higher C-Level executive position that he undertook after being the company's Executive Vice President, Corporate Human Resources until May 2015. Fahad usually serves on advisory boards for leading HR brands, He is a board member of other key organizations including the Arabian Society of Human Resource Management (ASHRM) and Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA).and recently Board member at Saudi Paper Company. Fahad lives what he preaches about social communities, with vision and passion for the human forces that drive corporates success. He specializes in human resource management and consultancy, talent acquisition, work force planning strategies, training and development, strategic leadership, Innovative business models, organization development, design and change.

About our Key Account Manager

Meet our Key Account Manager Mohammed Abdullah AbuTalib, a Rising Talent Acquisition Senior Consultant.
Over 10 years of HR, Manpower development & Recruitment experience within local and multinational organizations.

Previously held positions:
1. Ent. Relationship Manager at bayt.com
2. Account Manager/ Senior Consultant at ReSpeed Associates Manpower Development & Recruitment Head at MEEP
3. HR & Admin at Talal Abu Ghazaleh & Company

Our Mission

We seek to create value through chemistry, making sure to provide the right match and the spot-on HR solutions at the same time. We’re committed to contributing to the social broadening and sub-sequential development in Saudi Arabia, through the different and continuous measures of support, right tools and direction that will be the support of our greatest choice of mission and that is to grow ourselves, business, community, and country through developing our people’s skills.

Our Vision

We would like to achieve the ultimate reputation as a supporting system that offers our employers with strategic plans and business models that reflect us as an expert house, knowing exactly what to do when it comes to connecting the right talent to business opportunities, providing HR strategic solutions and adding value to human capital in KSA in general. We vision ourselves partnering with our employers, providing high quality services and delivering outstanding results as a key organizational success.

To our Employer

Whether you are, public or private sector, small business or huge organization, local brand or an international one, and looking for a good fit to fill a role in your company or any type of support for your HR department then you have found your ideal HR ally. Being the selective client/candidate-oriented HR consultancy agency, that we are, we will help you achieve that by finding acquiring, assessing, and hiring skilled human talents for your organizational needs. We will also help you in making an informed decisions on any HR-related challenge, as well as offering you a tailored advice to the needs of your business. Our solutions to you are built by HR professionals, they will provide you with consulting services that varies and covers all HR aspects, executive search, talent acquisition, HR compliance, policy and organizational effectiveness, compensation, and benefit plan evaluation.

To our Candidates

We’re devoted to find you the employment role that will genuinely match your talents, fit your character and meet your goals. We have successfully placed candidates from entry level through senior level roles and we will successfully do the same for you.
Apply with us to further your career growth and walk the path of success.

Our Services

Executive Search & Talent Acquisition

Finding you the skillful talent that will be taking your organization to the next level isn’t something that we take lightly! Our professional and experienced team of Talent Acquisition experts assess, design and deliver the most value-oriented solutions for finding the best available C-Level candidates and approaching them with the best tactics of persuasion to take new challenges. We’re known to be effective in sourcing our talent acquisition professionals fill positions quickly and efficiently. We locate and bring to you the best candidates for selection. “Skillful People = Thriving Business”

Our top-level executive and non-executive talent searches are an A to Z process, therefore we make sure everything we do is designed to attract the type of talent you want. Leveraging our extensive network of top candidates we’ll pinpoint the best possible talent based on the experience and expertise you need.

HR Consultancy & Support

There will be times when you need our HR specialists’ help, As a recruitment firm with an advisory and high quality service approach, we provide solutions that are functional, strategically fit and specifically match your needs across core human resources specialties. We always pride ourselves on going beyond the usual services that any “agency” can serve. We provide a built-to-suit solutions to businesses that are seeking HR support and advice.

We consider ourselves as your business partner; we say it, we mean it and we put it in action. Therefore we can provide you with all the management advisory services, operational models including operational assessments, human resource strategies, as well as human resource consulting services such as corporate restructuring, organizational policies, regulations and compliance, development, performance, benefits and compensation.



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